Board19 App


「Board19」 程式提供使用者瀏覽 上的最新圍棋新聞以及 LGS 的 YouTube 精彩好棋影片 ,並內建支援三種計時規則的圍棋計時器供棋友對弈時使用。。

Board19 目前可在 App Store 上免費下載,如果您有任何建議,請透過 yrchern [at] 與我聯絡。

Board19 app provides access to Go news on and Board19news YouTube channel. It also has a built-in game clock, which supports the following three clock rules: Canadian Overtime, Japanese Byoyomi and Sudden Death. The game clock is useful for playing the game of go.

Board19 is offered as free download from App Store. If you have any suggestions, please contact me yrchern [at]