Here are some apps I built, I am looking forward to adding more apps to this collection.


`Taiwan Air Quality Alert' is an iOS app, which provide you the measurements of air quality from EPA. It is a good idea to check these numbers out before you doing outdoor activity.

「台灣空汙警報」是一個 iOS App ,提供行政院環境保護署各個空氣污染測站測得之空污數據,提供您一個是否適合戶外活動之參考。

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Cadence Chart

This is my first released Web app, which calculates cadence and stride length for you given your marathon target finish time.

這是我第一個寫出來可以讓大家使用的 Web App ,透過這個應用程式,你可以輸入預計完成時間,計算你跑馬拉松的步頻與步幅。

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Simply Game Clock is an easy use game clock iOS app designed for the game of Go.

「就是計時器」就是一個簡單易用的圍棋對弈計時器 iOS app。

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Board19 App

`Board19' app provides access to Go news on

「Board19」 程式提供使用者瀏覽 上的最新圍棋新聞。

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Power vs Marathon Time

This web App calculates required power for different marathon times, based on RE.

在這個 web App 中,你可以透過 RE 來計算你完成馬拉松的時間所需的功率。

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